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Going Virtual | Agent and Auctioneer |

I speak to Auctioneer Paul Crawford about some of the benefits when applying an online auction [more]
by Zimmermann
Aug 06, 2021

Best use of the signboard

The signboard remains a classic but very effective tool in a sales campaign. The neighbours sta [more]
by Zimmermann
Aug 03, 2021

A lover of cars buys in Maroubra

The family will now be saying goodbye to their beautiful home and handing over to a gentlemen w [more]
by Zimmermann
Aug 02, 2021

e-knock knock in Maroubra

Welcome to a unique opportunity. You have landed here because we think outside the box. We are [more]
by Zimmermann
Jul 22, 2021

The best use of an aerial photo

The best use of an aerial photo (no pilot license needed) One of the best ways to highlight the [more]
by Zimmermann
Jul 11, 2021

The Standout Hero Photo

The competition is fierce. Your property is one of the hundreds that buyers are scrolling throu [more]
by Zimmermann
Jun 28, 2021