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Zimmermann Agency was established in 2012. Licensee-in-charge, Jamie Zimmermann commenced the buying and selling of real estate back in 2007 and has experienced the highs and lows of the market over the years. Our history is rich with great successes for our clients, however certainly not without the setbacks the industry can place upon us. We are a resilient business and this is evident in the service we continually give our clients.

The point of difference we provide for our vendors is our agents can sell your home and help you buy your next home. We feel this is unique for the industry and takes a highly competent agency to facilitate this type of service. The journey is tough but very rewarding when the transition is complete. The essence here is an agency that truly takes you through a sale and purchase or vice versa. We love doing the hard work to make your important real estate decisions easier.  

In truth, a real estate transaction is complex. It never goes smoothly and there is so much information to consider. However with the right starting point and the best team, led by a good value base system, the real estate transaction can be efficient, simple and memorable. Of course, there are wins and losses along the way, but this is the nature of the industry.

All our staff are highly trained and very competent in their respective field. Our engagement style within each transaction is about respect, trust and humility all of which contribute to serving in the best interest of the client. We encourage simplicity; however, we are prepared to engage in the sophistication of a real estate transaction. Every real estate transaction is different, how we prepare, assess, analyse, act and negotiate is the key to success.

The Zimmermann Agency will guide you through the logical path toward the value and ultimately the price you should sell or purchase. We will bring to the surface the critical data and information you need to make an informed decision. Importantly, we understand family, community, schooling, employment, timing, risks and the costs involved. We are pragmatic in approach and we have empathy along the way. We don’t believe there is room for ego when it comes to getting the best outcome for our clients.

When we sell property, it must look amazing throughout the whole campaign and every touch point we create for the buyer must be perfect. We invest a lot of time achieving the right images, content and buyer responses so the vendor is truly set up for success. We work tirelessly 24/7 to find the right buyer.

The real estate service industry is constantly evolving and the Zimmermann Agency is the most adaptive. We cater for the modern market; our agency offers all the traditional real estate services fused with a contemporary and competitive edge.