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e-knock knock in Maroubra

by Zimmermann on July 22, 2021
e-knock knock in Maroubra

Welcome to a unique opportunity. You have landed here because we think outside the box. We are not here to waste your time.

We have a persistent buyer looking to buy a freestanding house in these streets, Broome St, Bridges St, Scott St, Byrne St, Tyrwhitt St, Curtin Cres or Dan Ave.

Yes, the buyer is expected to pay a premium for the privilege. No doubt you would sell well in this market, however this buyer comes with an extra bite.

If you or a neighbour would like to explore this opportunity, please call Jamie 0420 985 110 or complete the form below. Any well-networked agent, call me and let’s see what we can do.

Your next steps?

Step 1 – Register your address

Step 2 – We have a 10 min video call, discuss the match and our key terms and conditions

Step 3 – Sign a fit for purpose agency agreement (the focus is on this buyer/s match)

Step 4 – Prepare the contract of sale (fast turnaround)

Step 5 – Buyer inspection

What happens if the buyer chooses not to make an offer?

No problems, you can either wait for another buyer, go to market, or terminate the fit for purpose agency agreement.

You remain in control, and it is always your choice. No stress.


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