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How to be a tourist in Alexandria

by Zimmermann on February 4, 2021
How to be a tourist in Alexandria

If you have a dog, this is perfect. Don’t worry if you don’t, the stroll is good exercise too. Start at Alexandria Park, box around Power Av and Buckland St. Some lovely terraces along Buckland, Garden and Gerard. Hustle down McEvoy St to Fountain St…welcome to good coffee…grab a crispy white wine for later at Dan Murphy’s.

Ok, you love peace and quiet ? then make the effort to walk up/back/through Belmont and Lawrence Street. These streets are tightly held, so make friends with the locals or even with an agent in the know! By now you are likely thirsty…try the park view hotel for a refreshing cider. Now for the grand finale, head south down Mitchell Rd, grab a pastry or fish and chips along the way and head straight into Sydney Park. Run, walk, bike, picnic, take a selfie on the hill, this place is great for everyone.

A recent bonus is the M8 access into Alexandria, yes, this a win for Sydney traffic 🙂

Thank you for reading, now your here, lets keep in touch.


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