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We also help our vendors buy their next home

Need help on the buy before sell or vice versa? then read on, we might be able to help!

1. Get to know you

We schedule a consultation and start building your buyers brief. We cover the location, style, character, type, purpose, project objectives, market conditions and much more. We can do this during or after business hours in person or via most video conference applications.

2. Buying proposal and Agency agreement

All buyers briefs are different; therefore, we ensure you receive the best proposal for your circumstances. Enclosed in the proposal is the agency agreement and an invoice for the engagement fee.

3. Fee

We have a unique fee for service model. It is simple, you engage we deliver.

As your agent delivers a milestone, the associated fee is accrued toward the final invoice. Some milestones maybe repeated numerous times such as shortlisting, appraisal, offer strategy and negotiation. There could be multiple milestone cycles, however you only pay to the cap. There is a capped fee applied to the service so you can budget accordingly. When the property transaction occurs you will be invoiced the capped fee less what you have already paid. If there is no property transaction or you terminate you only pay for the milestones that you accrued.

4. Buyers brief

We spend as much time as needed to help you write the buyers brief. This could be buying a family home, investment, development site, commercial site or a renovation project. We bring our experience and resources to fine tune the buyers brief that is just right for you. Once the parameters are agreed upon we commence the research and shortlisting.

5. Finance the purchase is confirmed

Your financier will take the lead on this, however your agent will need to know some of the detail. This includes how the deposit is being paid and a copy of the finance preapproval. Specific items such as a re-finance plan or you are borrowing equity from another property is important for us to know.

6. Milestones we deliver to you

Inspection & Shortlist

At this point your agent has called the selling agents, inspected properties, crunch the numbers and check all the listing portals. The buyers brief filter has been applied and the shortlist is presented to you. Time is of the essence, therefore we book further inspections and provide you advice along the way.


You love the property, project or development site and want to proceed. Your agent will provide a comprehensive comparative market appraisal which enables you to make an offer.

Due Diligence

Your agent will assist with the coordination of your due diligence. This could be but not limited to; contract review, project feasibility, building and pest report. This part is spread across the process and is dependent on the urgency and ‘as required’.

Offer Strategy

Experience tells us that every situation is different and there is always many variables to consider. Your agent will understand, filter and interpret these variables and develop the best way for you to approach the negotiation. Once you approve the plan we begin the negotiations.

Negotiation and Auction Bidding

Your agent will finely tune all the variables and begin the negotiations on your behalf. The how, when and why is the key to your success. Your agent will also register their authority to bid and then bid on your behalf.  If unsuccessful we start the whole process again, starting with shortlisting.

8. Exchange of the contract

The selling agent will lead this phase, however we are by your side to ensure everything this done properly. Your agent will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth transaction for you.

9. Settlement

Your solicitor will take the lead on this, however your agent will ensure you are prepared for the transaction. This includes homebuyer or investor tips for the big change and a pre-settlement inspection.