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We add exceptional value to our vendors.

When we are selling your home, we add exceptional value by including a ‘Next Purchase Criteria Service’ or buyers agent advocacy for free. As a vendor of ours you receive exclusive access to all the networks, portals, and platforms that we use to sell and buy homes in Sydney.

We understand the buy or sell first dilemma. We ensure you are well prepared, informed and ready. Our commitment, you will receive a realistic plan and timeline that will bring you success.

What is the ‘next purchase criteria’?

We simply apply our skills and expertise to help write your property criteria for the next purchase. The idea is not to get caught out between the two market conditions, in particular price, expectations and actual results. We will help you exit the market but also have you prepared to enter back into the market.

Few things to consider….

We understand this is not for everyone. If the ‘Next Purchase Criteria Service’ fit is not right, we then explore alternatives for you, such as the introduction to a suitable buyers agent.

Our aim is to add value to the vendor journey and enhance their selling and buying experience. There are key terms & conditions alongside with this add-on option, which is covered during consultation.

We put you in touch with a buyers agent (free advocacy service)

A buyers agent will generally follow the process below. We know lots of them, therefore we are able to put you contact with the right one. This is a free advocacy service for our vendors only. Easy to do and a great alternative to doing it yourself!

In consultation the agent starts building your buyers brief. Covering the location, style, character, type, purpose, objectives, market conditions and much more. 

Inspection and Shortlist

The agent has called selling agents, inspected properties, cross checked the buyers brief and checked all the listing portals. A shortlist of properties is presented to you.


You love the property. The agent will provide a comprehensive comparative market appraisal which enables you to make an offer.

Due Diligence

The agent will assist with the coordination of your due diligence.

Offer Strategy

Experience tells us that every situation is different and there are always many variables to consider. The agent will understand, filter and interpret these variables and develop the best way for you to approach the negotiation. Once you approve the plan, the agent begins the negotiations.

Negotiation and Auction Bidding

The agent will finely tune all the variables and begin the negotiations on your behalf. The how, when and why is the key to your success. The agent will also register their authority to bid and then bid on your behalf at Auction.

Already sold or just looking to buy?

We can help, go to our property Match service and be connected. We can offer alternative ideas to help get you started.