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Must do experience in Glebe

by Zimmermann on May 14, 2021
Must do experience in Glebe

The Inner West is filled with golden pockets of things to do and see. This trail is a great place to start, maybe do this on a day off during the week. Start at Hollis park cafe Newtown, with coffee on the bar bench admiring the park and enjoying the sweeping breeze. Some grand homes across at Georgina, Warren Ball and Bucknell.

Ok, time to head to Glebe. The Glebe village vibe begins corner of Parramatta Rd and Glebe Point Road. Where to start! Bookstores, Cafes, Restaurants and glebemarkets. Lose yourself wandering the streets north and south of Glebe Point Rd. Save your energy though. Proved and tested is Miya Sushi, great little restaurant. Classic homes are also found down near tramsheds, near the water and Jubilee park. Work in the city? Jubilee Light rail into town awaits you. Mind you, it is tough to enjoy the views and cool breezes. You’ll need a good budget to crack this area to buy a home but well worth it once you’re a local.

Feel like a stroll from Tramshed, head south along the canal (Johnston Creek) via the walkway, across from J.V.McMahon Reserve is a nice quiet spot to have the kids play in the park or do a bit of private fitness / exercise without the crowds. Time to reset and head to Booth St Annandale, think about aspect, homes generally have an east / west orientation, and the so what? Do you want the sun in your backyard in the morning or afternoon? Food for thought. Two recommended places to eat is Blacktoast Cafe and Fez and co

This next part is a bit of a drive, but well worth travel it. One thing Australians seems to preserve well is the good old fashion butcher. Welcome to Elvys on Allen . Friendly service and great produce.

Thank you for reading, now that your are here, lets keep in touch.


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