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Why an experienced property agent saves you money

by Zimmermann on February 8, 2021
Why an experienced property agent saves you money

Nowadays, there are so many ways for a buyer to purchase a home. The rise in online listing sites means that many people are starting to purchase homes without hiring a real estate agent to help them out. This method of house buying is advertised as a cheaper approach because you avoid paying estate agent fees. 

However, did you know that working with an experienced property agency could actually save you money? It’s true, and here are some of the main ways this happens:

Help you pay the right price for a home

Without a real estate agent, you can pay the wrong price for a home. People may list their properties online for a certain price, and you might be inclined to pay it – or slightly less. The problem is that you don’t have a property agency to survey and evaluate the property. When you have this, you get an accurate valuation of how much a property is worth. That house that’s listed at $500,000 may actually be worth a lot less, closer to $400,000. Having a real estate agency at your side can save money by only purchasing homes for what they’re truly worth, rather than paying inflated prices. 

Help you find the best deals

A property management agency will have access to exclusive deals that you can’t find anywhere else. This is because they work with sellers to list their property, pairing them with buyers. So, it’s common for real estate agencies to have listings that you can’t find anywhere else. This might mean you’re able to find a hidden gem and snag an absolute bargain. As a result, you can save a lot of money. 

Help you find affordable property services

Furthermore, many agencies will have contacts within the industry. This means they know surveyors, repairmen, and so on. As such, they can help you find affordable property services during and after the buying process. Often, they have deals or partnerships with other brands, so their clients can get discounts on the services. It helps you save money instead of finding the services yourself and paying more. This can reduce the total cost of buying a home – as well as helping you save money on things like repairs and renovations afterward. 

Help you negotiate

Throughout the home buying process, you will need to negotiate with the seller. An experienced property agent can help you with all your negotiations, starting with the home inspection. They can pinpoint all the issues in a house, helping you negotiate to either get them fixed before you buy or to take the asking price down a fair bit. With their negotiation skills and expertise at your disposal, you’ll always be able to buy a home for as little as possible. 

You see, working with an experienced real estate company has many advantages and can help you save a lot of money. If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Sydney, contact Zimmerman Agency today. We can help you buy the house of your dreams for a price that suits your budget. 


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